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Hi there!

Welcome to my portfolio. I am Anna Wessberg, a dedicated digital designer with a strong focus on UI/UX design and digital marketing. Within these pages, you'll find a curated showcase of my work, highlighting my commitment to creating user-centered and aesthetically engaging digital experiences. This page demonstrates my professional skills and experience. To get to know me more personally you could take a look to About me



Creative Design
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects




Google Analytics
Office programs


UI/UX Design
Adobe XD
Design systems

Competitor analysis


Social media
Content creation
Marketing strategies



Project showcase

This is a collection of my projects related to UI/UX design, digital design and content creation for the web and as well as social media.

Product portfolio creation

In this project I created a product portfolio for a company offering cost effective digital services targeted for startups and small companies. To achieve cost effectiveness I utilised AI services and tracked time used for each product delivery. At the end of the project I delivered a portfolio of seven products: customer analysis, competitor analysis, marketing strategy, brandbook, website design, e-commerce design, social media presence and marketing channels.

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